Sunday, April 25, 2010

Please Stay Little

I remember when I was younger, Mimi always saying she was going to stop feeding us so Aunt Mitzi and I would just stay little! I looked at you the other day and I said the exact same thing! You really aren't a "baby" anymore. Sitting up, holding your own bottle, eating food, trying to did all that happen so fast? You've got this adorable personality and I have to admit that you are more fun now than ever before, but sometimes I can't even remember you as a newborn. It's a rollarcoaster of emotions both happy and sad. I waited my entire life to be a mom. I couldn't wait to get married, couldn't wait to be pregnant, couldn't wait for you to be born...waiting, waiting, waiting. Now that you are here, and every dream I've ever had for my life has come true it's almost as if someone pushed the fast foward button. I promise I won't stop feeding you, as long as you promise to always be my little matter how big you get. Deal?

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