Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Princess

I am so not a girly girl. In fact, I'm really the farthest thing from it. Not that into clothes, hate wearing make-up, I own 2 pairs of heels (a black pair and a brown pair), my hair is always pulled back in a pony tail, I don't even own a tube of lipstick, and my nails are never done. So why do I die over all things OVERLY girly when it comes to you? Like this picture for example. I saw it and just HAD to have it. I love to put you in dresses, all things pink, buy you hair bows, shoes galore, begged your Daddy to let me pierce your ears, and as soon as you stop putting your feet in your mouth, I want to paint those piggy toes the brightest pink! I just don't understand it, and maybe it's because you are just so adorable, but this extremely girly painting is now hanging above your crib, and I absolutely love it. You are my beautiful little Princess, and if you are the Princess that makes your mommy the Queen!

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