Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Little Comedian

You are saying the FUNNIEST things lately. You always have me and Daddy cracking up. I want to write it all down so I never forget and can always remember and laugh! The bigger you get the more and more you are talking and talking so well!

  • You were riding your tricycle around the kitchen and you had your baby doll in the back basket. You took a turn too quick and your baby fell out. You yelled "Oh Jesus Baby, I'm so sorry!"

  • On New Years Eve you stayed up until 11:50pm. You looked over at me and said you wanted to go to bed. I carried you into your room and started rocking you a bit. I started talking, feeling all reminiscent and was recalling to you all the fun things we did together that year. You reached your little hand out and put it over my mouth and said, "Mamma just put me down in my crib."

  • We took you to Disney on Ice and Daddy and I were pretty sure you had no clue what you were going to see. We got in the car and Daddy asked you if you were excited and you screeched at the top of your lungs "Dadddddddddyyyyyyy I soooooooo EXCITED!"

  • Everytime music comes on you start to dance and say "Shake Your Body Mamma!"

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