Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer in LBI

You are such a lucky little girl. We got to go to the beach twice this summer! We first went in June with Aunt Jen, Uncle Matt, Maya, Dillon, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Erika, and Aunt Devon too! You and Maya got along great! What a difference a year makes, you guys have grown so much! Last year you could only crawl and this year you were running full speed into the ocean. You love that water so much, and have no fear whatsoever. You didn't even want me to hold your hand. All three of you had so much fun on the beach, our weather was perfect as well. Much to my surprise you still crawled up my lap when you got tired on the beach, full of sand, and placed your head on my shoulder, and collapsed in my arms out of pure exhaustion and took a nap every single day on the beach. I loved every single sandy second of it. I bet next year you won't want me to hold you anymore, but I'm still hoping you will. Michelle also came down for a day with Miranda and Amelia and took more gorgeous pics of you. We also took you girls to fantasy island to ride the rides, and you LOVED them. You wanted to go on everyone and you wanted to go by yourself and you cried your eyes out the moment they came to a stop. When did you become so independent? You definitely get that from Daddy, not me! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week!

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