Monday, August 1, 2011

Missing Mitzi...

I am pretty much an emotional mess today, I guess it's because Aunt Mitzi left to go back to California, then you peed on the potty...which should make me happy, but only made me sad because you are getting so big so fast. As I sat there on the bathroom floor pretending to be excited that you peed, I started to cry, and you looked at me, wiped away my tears, and said "it's ok momma" gave me a hug and proceeded to pat my back. God, I love you so much kid, and I just hope that you always know that. And I pray that I can show you in a million different ways every single day how much I love you and how happy you make me all the time. You are the only one that could put a smile on my face today. You are the best thing that ever happened to Daddy and I and you make life that much sweeter.

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