Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The last time your Aunt Mitzi saw you, you were 6 weeks old. When she sees you again this weekend you will be 10 months old. Last time she saw you, you could fit in her arms, you slept all the time, you hardly even cooed, you were breastfeeding every 3 hours, and you weighed roughly 10 pounds. Now you are this little person, with such an enormous personality. 9 months isn't really a long time, but when you are talking about someone's first year of's almost a world of difference. You are trying to walk, you have 2 teeth, you are eating real food, you are chattering away, you are waving "bye-bye", you are giggling all the time, you are about 17 pounds, and you know what you want. It is going to be just like showing you to her for the first time. You look just like her when she was a baby, and I can't wait for you two to meet once again. These next 3 weeks that she is home are going to fly by in the blink of an eye, but I know I will be cherishing every second. I wish she was here to see you grow and do new things everyday, but I know the two of you will have a special bond regardless of the miles placed in between. I show you Aunt Mitzi's picture everyday, and we have been counting down the days until she comes home and I can't believe that day is almost here.

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